Old Projects and Papers

  1. DAG-width of Structured Programs (2014-15)
  2. We show that DAG-width of structured programs can be at most 3 and give a linear time algorithm to compute the DAG decomposition.
    More details could be found in the paper here. Even more details in my Master's thesis.

  3. Computation of Treewidth (Summer 2014)
  4. Treewidth is a metric to measure tree-likeness of a graph. The goal of the project was to implement some heuristics for computing treewidth and tree-decomposition of a graph and efficiently solve some NP-hard problems on graphs of bounded treewidth. (As part of Google summer of code 2014 with Open Graph drawing framework. [OGDF])
    The code for this is available here on Google Code.

  5. SiPTA: Signal processing for trace-based anomaly detection [ Link to Paper ]

    MMZ Zadeh, M Salem, N Kumar*, G Cutulenco and S Fischmeister, In EMSOFT, New Delhi, India, 2014.  (*Secondary Contributor)

  6. Shared libraries on NUMA (Fall 2013)
  7. We wrote a evaluation paper summarizing our observations. It can be found here.

  8. Testbed: A game engine for ScummVM (Summer 2010)
  9. ScummVM is a highly portable collection of game engine recreations. The ScummVM code can be broadly divided into two parts, the frontend (platform independent, contains the game engine logic) and backend (platform dependent,graphics, sound etc..). My task was to write an engine that would interactively guide you through a dummy game and in the meantime, tests almost all the functions provided by the backend API. More details about this can be found on ScummVM GSoC'10 page.

    The code for this is available here on Google Code.

Link to my Github.